Thursday, December 30, 2010

New 16-week Plan

Workout yesterday: Female Body Breakthrough (FBB) Week 2/Workout A + 5.0 miles on stationary bike

Workout today: 60 minute Kickboxing class + 5.0 miles on stationary bike + Abs

So I mentioned yesterday how I was starting a new 16-week program from the "Female Body Breakthrough." I am hoping this will help to tone and firm up some areas but I am pregnant so I'm pretty sure I will have to modify things at some point, especially as my belly starts to grow in size.

Here's a little bit about the program in case any of you are interested...

The Workout:
Cosgrove's 16-week plan is broken up into four four-week segments. During the first few weeks, you only do 3 weight workouts each week. By week 3, you start adding in two metabolic circuits in addition to the weight workouts that are also outlined in her book. Then during the last few weeks you can add in another cardio workout during the week if you desire.

The Rules
Rule #1: You should not miss a weight-lifting workout. If you need to miss a workout, you can miss out on a metabolic circuit but you MUST commit to doing all three weight workouts each week.

Rule #2: You should drink a protein shake within 15 minutes of finishing your weight-lifting workout.

Rule #3: You should lift heavy weight without compromising good form.

Rule #4: You should eat 5-6 small meals per day, each containing a fruit/vegetable and a protein.

Rule #5: You should eat clean 90% of the time (avoiding processed foods and sugar.) You still have 10% (or 3-4 meals each week) to treat yourself.

Rule #6: No steady-state cardio routines (until the last few weeks where you can add in one if desired). This means no running, no elipticalling (is that a word?), no biking, no stepping, etc. You still get some good cardio in using her metabolic workouts though.

(I have to admit I will be cheating just a bit on that last one. I know some of the metabolic workouts will be a bit tough for me to complete, especially as I progress in this pregnancy. I plan on keeping my kickboxing and BodyFlow classes each week and I do want to try to run/walk on the treadmill once per week as well for as long as my body allows.)

So that's it in a nutshell. I'm enjoying the workouts so far (still in the base phase), and they have all left me with a good "burn" the day after so I'm hoping that they're doing some good.

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