Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still Alive!!

Now that it's been well over a month since my last post, I decided to get back on the bandwagon again and hopefully (but no promises!!) start posting again a big more regularly.

It's been a busy month and I take my test to become a certified personal trainer in just two weeks so I have been pretty involved with that lately. I have learned so much, although I am not entirely sure what I will do with it once I have it. I have a dream to one day open up my own gym in the basement and train people from there but that will be a ways into the future yet. Dream big though, right?!?!?

I have been taking lots of classes at my gym lately now that the weather has turned chilly. The gym I go to is actually having a competition between December 1 and January 15 to see which person can attend the most gym classes. The winner gets a free one year membership!! I thought I might have a shot at winning this since I regularly attend about 6-8 classes a week even without the competition drive. Alas, my dreams were shattered by day two of the competition. Turns out there are two men (ahem, a bit psycho if I do say so myself) who had already taken 12 classes in just ONE day!! They must have stayed at the gym all day long on December 1st and taken every single class offered. They plan on doing this until their stamina dissolves (or they become gravely injured which is probably even more likely.) Obviously these men have no life outside of the gym (i.e. no families to take care of, no jobs to speak of, no wives to come home to) and since I have rarely seen these two men at these classes before, it is obviously a completely testosterone-driven attempt to win this challenge. (Do I sound bitter, because I kind of am!!) At least one of the trainers has warned them about the dangers of 10+ hours of exercise a day and the fact that neither of them is in the greatest of shape right now just screams "Injure-Me-Now!!"

So what do you think? Does this sound a bit crazy to any of you either? Am I being too critical of these two men who really are working hard to win this challenge? I would love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. I say you should stay in the challenge. Sounds like both of them will either get injured in about a week and be forced to stop, or pilfer out because they don't really have true motivation to exercise. The competition is for a whole month and a you definitely still have a shot. And I had no idea you were so close to getting certified. Good luck on your test and congrats! (And if you want to train me virtually/over the phone...I could use some extra help and motivation :).

  2. I used to think the people who would go to two classes in a row at my gym were a little nutty. I guess it's probably okay if someone is doing two totally different classes, i.e. yoga and spinning. But 12 classes in a day is utterly insane! Even if they were putting forth just a fraction of the normal effort (which I suspect is what they were doing to pull that off), it is still way too much for anyone other than maybe an Olympic-level athlete. The sad part is, once they win that gym membership, they'll probably be too burnt out or injured to actually use it.

    It's not like they're offering a million dollars, Dadra. It's just a gym membership--something that's already a regular part of your life and budget. Be glad you have a full, well-rounded life and enough common sense not to do something like that to yourself. Just put in your usual amount of classes. Who knows? The steady, measured exerciser just may be the winner in the end.

  3. Welcome back, I have to say I have been absolutely terrible blogging as well.
    I say do the challenge but don't kill yourself like these two guys. Remember like the turtle slow and steady wins the race. WOW free membership for a year? That would put my competition up big time. Then again maybe they need that free membership because they aren't working:) Gook luck!