Friday, May 4, 2012

Hill Intervals

Want to get a great strength workout for your legs without using weights? Try running some hill intervals. You can do this either on a treadmill or you can find a hill near your home that has a decent grade and will be a challenge but not impossible to run up (I spent some time living in Houston, Texas where the only hill I could find were the highway overpasses. If this is you, you may be forced to use the treadmill for any kind of hill workout. Now I enjoy living in hill country where I have a plethora of good hills to choose from.)

After a good warm-up (think jumping jacks, bodyweight lunges and squats, arm circles, high knees, etc.), perform each hill interval for about 5 minutes. then rest for 2 minutes before going onto the next interval.

Interval #1: Run up hill, do 5 burpees at the top, then slowly jog (or walk) down the hill (If you’re using a treadmill, run at 5-8% incline for 2 minutes, jump off to do your burpees then jog/walk for a minute before repeating.)

Interval #2: Run up hill, do 10 mountain climbers at the top (right+left=1), then slowly jog (or walk) down the hill.

Interval #3: Run up hill, do 10 jump lunges at the top (right+left=1), then slowly jog (or walk) down the hill.

Finish this workout with some bodyweight squats, isometric squats (holding in the down squat position) and squat jumps and your legs will definitely be feeling the burn by the time you are through!

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  1. I finally saw the little button so that I can publish it on facebook!! Yay!! More people need to read the great stuff you put on here.
    Yes, not many hills here in TX. I am glad you put the treadmill inclines on here because that definitely helps me know.