Friday, April 20, 2012

Fitness Test

Here is the fitness test that I put my clients through this morning on our first day of boot camp. We’ll be taking the test every 3 weeks to measure progress and hopefully see some improvement. Give it a whirl and see what you think…
1. Aerobic Test: 10 minute run (You can do this outside with a GPS watch or on the treadmill. Just see how much distance you can cover in 10 minutes. I much prefer running outside but I really like to do my speed work on a treadmill. It makes me work a little harder and there’s no slowing down unless I want to fly off the back of the machine!)
2. Pull Test: Get a pull up bar or use the monkey bars at a local park to see how long you can hang with your chin above the bar. Your palms should face away from you in true pull-up fashion. If you can do regular pull-ups, record how many consecutive ones you can do.
3. Push Test: Record how many push-ups you can complete in 2 minutes. Try to do as many as possible on your toes but if you need to, you can drop to your knees. Take rest breaks as needed.
4. Core Test: Hold yourself in the plank position for as long as possible. Record your time.
5. Lower Body Test: Leg finisher (this was the workout I posted on Wednesday to really finish off your legs.) Time how long it takes you to complete the following circuit:
20 squats + 20 alternating lunges + 20 jump squats + 20 jump lunges
Record your results and revisit this test every now and then to try to better your time or number of reps. Good luck!!


  1. Right now I am only able to be at the gym for an hour so by the time I get done running there isn't a whole lot of time to do other things. I need to get more used to what different machines do.

  2. @Steph: Most gyms offer some sort of orientation when you first join to show you how to use the different machines and equipment available. Did yours offer you one?