Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Legs on Fire!

I like to do this little bodyweight circuit at the end of my weightlifting sessions. If you do this correctly, your legs will definitely feel the burn by the end!



Leg Suicide:

20 Bodyweight Squats (A nice, keep squat here…at least 90 degrees or below, make sure to keep your knees behind your toes)

20 Alternating Front Lunges (both knees should be close to 90 degrees at the bottom of each lunge with the back knee almost touching the ground, keep knees behind toes)

20 Jump Squats (be sure to get in a nice deep squat before exploding up into the air…this is a great plyometric move!)

20 Jump Lunges (again be sure you get the full lunge in here, with back knee almost touching the ground before exploding into the air while switching legs)

Time yourself and see how long the complete circuit takes. Rest 2 minutes and do it all over again. Your legs will thank you later!!


  1. I HATE lunges!! Probably because I need to do them more and work up those muscles. I will have to do this, though I am a little scared at the pain it will cause. Do you suggest running every day? Or should it be cardio 3 times a week and weights the other two?

  2. @Steph: If you are just starting out, I recommend two days of weights, three days of cardio. I like to incorporate a lot of circuits into my weight training (doing exercises back to back or throwing in things like lunges and squats) which allows my heart rate to stay elevated and gets me a good cardio workout too. It's like getting the benefits of both types of workouts in one!