Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bondi Band

So I'm a little bummed right now. My training has been going really well for my half-marathon coming up on the 18th. A couple of weeks ago I tweaked my left hamstring doing some walking lunges, and it has been bothering me ever since. The pain isn't bad enough to quit running, but it is a nuisance. I am trying to stretch it out everyday and am just hoping that it will survive long enough to go 13.1 miles next Saturday. We shall see...

Ever since I cut my hair short, I have had a ridiculous time trying to find a way to keep my hair out of my face when I exercise. When it was longer, a ponytail would usually suffice but even then I would sometimes get some fly-aways that would bug me when I was doing an intense cardio session. I tried many different kinds of bands to try to contain my short locks but I hated how they would ride up my head, slip off or were just too tight. And bobby pins just weren't cutting it anymore. Then I saw an advertisement in Runner's World Magazine about these new headbands called the "Bondiband." Their motto is "No Slip...No Drip" and I have to whole heartily agree. They stay in pace, are comfortable to wear, and even prevent a lot of the sweat from pouring down onto my face while I workout. I got a few different ones, including the one below...

I really love these bondibands and I am now giving one lucky reader a chance to win one too. Just leave a comment telling me why you would like one of these bands (or you can just tell me why you think this blog is sooooo amazing!!:)

Just make your comment sometime before Monday morning and I'll be picking a random reader comment who will then win this...

(If you're not a "Runner Girl," maybe you can give it to someone who is!!)

Talking Point: Have you found any cool workout gear recently that you would like to rave about? I always love finding new products that actually work as advertised!!


  1. I have long hair, but this would be good for my bangs! I didn't realize your hair was that short; or maybe it just looks really short in the picture. Anyway, I think it's cute and I love entering to win things when my change is better than 1 in a million!

  2. I would love to try out a Bondiband! I have the same issue with my hair when running and working out (I have short, layered hair). Ponytails don't work and I don't like wearing hats. I usually use a colored kerchief and tie it around my hair to hold everything back. My husband tells me I look like Aunt Jemima. Nice. :) I would love to look a little more stylish on my runs. :)

  3. Count me in too. I love to try out new stuff. My current workout hairdo looks okay in the front but is ridiculous in the back. I usually pull up the bangs in one ponytail and then I gather all the remaining hair and do another lower ponytail behind it. Since I do it in a hurry, there are usually big patches of scalp that show through since my hair is not very thick. Then I have to wrap the rubber band around a bunch of times just because my hair is so thin. I need help in the hairdo department! I'm sure the people behind me at the gym are tired of looking at it!

  4. I would also love to try this out. I put 6 barrettes in my hair and I still have fly-aways. My hair also comes out and gets in my face so I have to make all the guys hold up so that I can put my hair back again. It is also be nice to find something that keeps the sweat out of my eyes.

  5. Ok, I really want to win that pink Bondi Band!!! No, no, I just thought I would check in with the push-up challenge. BTW, you should have a "Challenge Check-in" post every Monday so that people can update on how they did with the previous challenges. Anyway, last week really stunk. I didn't have a single day where I could do the required reps. I figured the exertion test would be similarly bad, but I was able to do 45. I'm happy with the progress and that number would keep me in the third column for week 5, but when I saw how the number of reps increased, I decided to do week 4 again. I guess I got a little scared :) Plus I feel like I need to have a better week where I can finish all of the reps.