Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Challenge (Sept. 6-Sept. 12, 2010)

So how did your week go with no sugar? I did pretty well overall (a few mistakes like those candied pecans I mentioned that I didn't even think about!!) I did pass up on a few deserts and ice cream cravings (yeah) but I also seemed to make it up for it other ways (boo!) It was a good challenge, but it seems like anytime I completely ban a food item or food group, I tend to crave it more than ever!! I'll try to strive for more balance this week.

Happy LABOR DAY!! What are your plans for the last holiday weekend of the summer? We plan on grilling out this afternoon with a few of our friends. I will post a picture of my plate later in an effort to motivate myself to keep it clean!!

In honor of "labor" day, this week's challenge will be a fitness challenge for everyone. This week, I want you to think of one way that you can increase the intensity of your workouts. For those of you are don't workout regularly, maybe it will be deciding to exercise 2-3 times this week. For those of you who do workout, try to incorporate more reps, sets, miles, or HIIT training (my personal favorite!!) into your workouts this week. Challenge yourself this week and your body will thank you later!

Talking Point: What are your plans for increasing your "labor" this week? I will be incorporating some new HIIT workouts into my week (found here on this site.) These workouts are short, but pretty nasty!!


  1. Hey. So I did pretty well on the no-sugar challenge. Saturday was the hardest day for me. I did my 14 miler and felt like a deserved a treat. I did get a big order of onion rings and three Diet Dr. Peppers (not exactly clean eating), but no sugary treats! Ben cracked when they brought in an ice-cream cake for his birthday at work but he was pretty good the rest of the week. There was one night I heard him getting out a bowl and spoon, and I knew he was heading for the ice cream. I jumped up and intervened and talked him into a bowl of Kashi cereal instead. A proud moment for me.

    Today for Labor Day, Chloe and I had a girls afternoon out. We got smoothies and pedicures. It's kind of fun having an older daughter now! I haven't decided yet what I'll do to pick up the intensity of my workouts--maybe add some sprints to my running. I try to do about two HIIT workouts a week (from Zuzana's site). But often I have to do the "beginner modification" versions of the exercises--especially those ninja jump tucks. Can you do those? They kill my knees. Have a great week!

  2. Hi Dadra, I thought I'd check in on the push-up challenge. I finished week 3 without too many problems. However, yesterday when I began week 4 (third column), I really struggled on the third and fifth round. I could only get through half of the required push-ups in each of those rounds. I'm telling myself it was because I had just come in from mowing the lawn. Hopefully Wednesday and Friday will be better, but it is a little scary how the number of push-ups keeps growing.

  3. Hi Dadra,

    Thought I should (finally) let you know how much I am LOVING this blog. I'm no where near your fitness or healthiness level but your posts definitely have made a difference and inspired me. I have lots of health goals and one thing that has really helped motivate me and pushed me to "labor more" this week is that my family started a Biggest Exerciser contest. I'm a huge fan since I have direct control over my choices regarding exercise whereas in the Biggest Loser contest sometime even when you control eating and fitness you may not see the equivalent difference in weight loss. Does that make sense? Anyway, thanks for the encouragement for a healthier lifestyle. I love seeing how you stock your fridge and what you eat. I'm trying to make changes there, too.