Friday, September 3, 2010

My New Running Goal

If you look over at the right side of my blog now, you will see this new little image...
After perusing some other health/fitness blogs, I saw some people had set goals to do a race in all 50 states. I've heard of the 50 States Marathon Club (people who run a marathon in all 50 states) and I've thought that was CRAZY!! But a race in each state seemed more manageable. Then I started thinking about the cost that would entail (the cost of getting to each state, staying in each state and then add on those race entry fees to race in every state....YIKES!) So I decided on a slightly modified goal for me...I have a goal to run (either in a race or simply for recreation) in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. I have 14 states completed, 36 plus the District to complete. One really nice thing about living on the East Coast is that I can complete a lot of these states that are within driving distance fairly easily. I have friends and/or family in those northwestern states so visiting them and running/racing will be a bit easier (and good motivation to make a visit!) Running in Alaska and Hawaii will be really fun goals to meet (I'm hoping to go to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary...just 3 1/2 years away!!) I think the most challenging part will be all those Midwestern states that are all standing starkly white right now. Anybody have any ideas on how to complete those?!?!?

I always like to have something to work towards in my exercise routines. Obviously this is a LONG term goal of mine (I'd like to do them all before I turn 40, giving me just about 10 years to complete it.) My short term goal is to run the Western Maryland Half Marathon with a PR on September 18th. I've put in the training, but you never know what can hit you on race day to derail your efforts. I may do one more half-marathon this season, but I think I'm putting off doing another marathon this year. I'm just not feeling the "running mojo" that I will need to pound out all those miles. I feel like all the running I've been doing for the half-marathon training has made me go a bit soft in the muscle department (I still weight-train consistently, but not as heavy and I feel like I've lost some definition that I had last spring.) After completing these half-marathons, I'm going to shift my focus a bit more into weight training and HIIT workouts to see what kind of results I can get.

Talking Point: What kind of short and long-term goals do you have related to fitness? Does having something concrete that you are training for help you to workout each day?


  1. That's awesome Dadra! I have actually wanted to do the same goal...but like you thought about the cost and I thought running at least 3-4 miles in each state would suffice. :) I don't have nearly as many done as you do (I have about 5), but maybe we'll have to take a roadtrip together and run in the midwest. :) Good luck with your goal!

  2. That's a great goal! I need to figure out how many states I've run in. I typically always have put in at least one run whenever I've been visiting somewhere. I'm a little disappointed you aren't doing the Richmond Marathon. I was just about to ask you if we should start making arrangements for that one. I guess I'll plan to still run the Outer Banks race. And I'm doing the Disney Wine & Dine half-marathon in a month. I'm not really feeling the running mojo either (and I have to put in 14 miles tomorrow), but I feel like I have to make up for last year and run one more marathon before I hit 40.

  3. Counting up the states I've run in, I have 14 also, though slightly different from yours:

    North Carolina
    South Carolina

    Tell you what--I'll join you on the one to Hawaii! I've never been there and really want to go.

  4. Sorry to comment again, but I just realized that I invited myself on your 10-year wedding anniversary trip. Sorry! I'll sit that one out (unless of course you plan to take the kids and need to bring along a sitter.... just sayin').

  5. I love your goal. I would love to do that as well, but since I've only ran in about 6 states as well I'd have to wait until I was 50 to accomplish it I'm sure. Good luck and have fun!