Monday, August 9, 2010


So today marks one month since I started this fitness blog. I'm not sure if too many people are reading this, but I am enjoying writing it so it's all good. More on that later...

I thought I would do a post about my favorite on-the-go snack. I have always been a huge fan of granola bars (both their taste and portability can't be beat.) But the nutrition label for a basic store-brand granola bar is a bit scary...

I do like these Clif Builder's bars. They have lots of protein and taste great. The Clif Company is known for using natural, organic ingredients but even their ingredient list is pretty long...
Then I discovered the Larabar. They aren't as sweet as regular granola bars (and there are a few flavors that I really don't like) but check out the ingredients...

Dates, Peanuts and can't get much simpler than that, especially for an energy bar. The Peanut Butter Cookie is my favorite flavor (I love anything with peanuts.) They are a bit high in fat (peanuts) and sugar (dates) but I think they are a great substitute for when you need a quick and/or highly portable snack.
So good news blog readers!! To honor the one month blogiversary of "Make It Fit," I will be giving away 5 Larabars (YES, FIVE) to one lucky reader. To win, all you need to do is make at least one comment on the blog itself during the next week and next Monday I will announce the Larabar winner on the blog. The more comments you make this week, the more chances you have to win (your name will be entered in each time you comment.)
Talking Point: Do you have an energy bar that you really like? Have you ever tried a Larabar? If so, what is you flavor of choice?


  1. If I am not working out as much as you but just want to eat healthy should I still be eating these?

  2. I'm reading! I'm a daily runner (while pushing a stroller). I used to work out (p90x) during Jack's morning naps, but now that he has mostly dropped those, I've kind of stopped everything but jogging. How do you keep your kids busy while you're working out?

  3. Steph: These are good for anybody. Only three ingredients (all of which are recognizable) so I think these would be great for your healthy eating goals. They make a perfect and portable snack to throw in your purse or diaper bag on those hectic days.

    Mary: Yay, I'm glad there's another reader. I know you've been a runner since at least our BYU days together. I think running while pushing a jogging stroller is highly commendable (it adds a nice upper body component to running!) I've heard great things about P90X but have yet to actually try it out. I was thinking of giving it a whirl this winter when running outside becomes a bit unbearable!

    My kids are a bit older, but I still find it best to workout before they get up in the morning. If that doesn't happen, I try to sneak in some weight bearing activities during the day (my kids love it when I bench press their little bodies or hold them while doing some squats!) I also like to do a few chin-ups and tricep dips when we are at the playground. With kids in tow, you definitely have to get creative sometimes!!

  4. I'm reading too...I love seeing your meals and workouts. You are so inspiring! What brand of protein powder do you recommend? Thanks!