Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ready to sweat

If you're up for a tough workout, you should give this next one a shot. It was tough but kind of fun too because it incorporated a lot of moves that were new to me. There are 15 different moves (I did each one with a 50/10 split...50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.) I repeated the entire circuit for a sweat-filled 30-minute workout. It was a great way to get the heart pumping early this morning.

1. Heisman (side to side leaps, landing on 1 foot, other knee up)
2. Front Jabs (basically punching and alternating left and right)
3. Hip Extension Jumps (with feet close together, squat down, touch the floor, explode up.)
4. 1-2-3- Heisman (quick shuffle to side for 3, land in Heisman at end of shuffle)
5. Cross Jacks (legs cross in front of body, arms alternate overhead)
6. Mummy Kicks (straight arms criss-cross in front of body while doing quick straight leg kicks)
7. A plank walk-out (From a standing position, keeping both legs straight, roll down until both hands touch the floor. Walk your hands away from your body, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Walk out into a plank position, hold for a second, then walk back)
8. Ski Jumps (feet together, jump side to side - don't twist, keep body facing forward)
9. Upper Cuts
10. Basketball Shots (shuffle to side for 3, squat low, touch floor with both hands, jump up and "shoot the ball" with your arms)
11. Ab Skiing (in plank position, jump both feet toward right hand, back to start, in toward left hand, back to start...DO NOT STAND UP)
12. Kick the hum (Run in place, bringing your heels to your bum)
13. Squat Ins (starting in plank, jump both feet together between hands, then back to plank, keep repeating...DO NOT STAND UP)
14. Frog Jumps (Jump forward into a wide squat, touch the floor with both hands, jump back into wide squat, touch floor with both hands. Keep repeating.)
15. Bench running taps (using a step, quickly tap alternating feet up on the step as fast as possible)

If you try this workout, be sure to let me know what you think.

Talking Point: What kinds of workouts do you enjoy? Do you like mixing it up, or do you tend to do the same things repeatedly? Are there any fun workout moves that you enjoy (or maybe you really hate them but know they're good for you?!?!?)

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