Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New-To-Me Food Tracker

I found this website recently that allows you to download a free fitness and food journal. It has some pretty neat tools to use and it really helps to keep everything organized in one spot. You can set goals, see your progress, track your calories, protein, fat and carb intake, etc.

The program is called "Fitness Assistant 1" and can be found here. Hope you like it!

In other news...how many of you started out this year with a resolution to either lose weight, exercise more or get healthy? A lot of people start each year with high hopes that this will be the year that they will finally get in shape. Gym memberships soar, diet programs make bucket loads of money and everyone is excited and motivated. Usually this phenomenon lasts about 3-6 weeks before most people fall off the healthy-living bandwagon.

If that was you though, you still have time to make 2010 the year you reach your goals. Tomorrow marks the first day of September, giving you exactly 4 months to get back on track and reach some of those goals you may have set for yourself at the beginning of the year. If you start now, you can look at yourself on 01-01-11 with pride, knowing that you don't have to start the year proclaiming your new fitness resolutions but you can simply maintain the healthy lifestyle you've been leading the last four months. This also may give you extra motivation to endure the eating pitfalls that occur during the next few months...Halloween candy, lots of Thanksgiving stuffing and all those endless Christmas goodies.

So are you ready to look and feel your best on one-one-one-one? (01-01-11)

Talking Point: Did you set any resolutions this year that you've been able to meet? Any others that you are still working on? My main goal for this year was to learn how to eat properly. It's definitely a work in progress, but I'm getting better!

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  1. Hi Dadra...I see you're from Hagerstown. So am I. I just started a healthy living blog myself after following blogs for a long time now. i'm excited I found you. I look forward to checking in with you often.