Friday, August 13, 2010

I run for life

I did NOT want to get up this morning (it was drizzly and overcast, a perfect day for sleeping in, right?) But after fighting it for a few minutes, I decided I had better get 'er done! I ran roughly 4 miles (my Garmin petered out on me after a mile or so) then came home and did the following workout in the basement (I love having a semi-home-gym!)...

100 Jumping jacks
10 Squat thrusts (w/ push-up and burpee)
10 Triceps dips
10 Jump lunges
10 Bicep curls (20 lbs)
10 Jump squats
10 Shoulder raises (20 lbs)
10 Mountain climbers
10 Upright rows (40 lbs)
10 Box straddle jumps

Then you repeat with 90,9,9,9, etc., then 80,8,8,8, etc., then 70,7,7,7,etc., down to 10,1,1,1,1,etc. I completed this "10-9-8 Series" in 29:43.

Then I did a similar set for some ab work:
10 Crunches
10 Reverse crunches
10 Bicycle crunches

Then repeated with 9, then 8, etc. I finished this part in 6:06. It was a good workout to mix things up a bit.

The title of this post came from a great song I found yesterday while downloading some new running tunes. It's called "I Run For Life" by Melissa Etheridge. As some of you may know, my mom is currently battling colon cancer. She just completed her second dose of chemo and is doing amazingly well. This song will mean a lot to anybody who has battled or has somebody close to them who has battled cancer or something similar. I have had a lot of people ask me why I run. I could give lots of different answers...for health, exercise, to stay in shape, to feel good, to de-stress, etc. But I have to say the number one reason that I run is this...


There are so many people who would give anything to be able to do what I sometimes take for granted. My body allows me to lace up a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement for miles on end. I run for both myself and for all those who wish their bodies could do the same. And when the going gets tough and I really want to quit, I will think of all those people who are battling diseases and demons far worse than anything I could imagine...and I keep running. Because that's what they're doing too. They keep fighting because of everything that they have to fight for. And it makes us all stronger for it.

I made this little video for my mom, to share with her why I think she is amazing and to give her the strength to keep fighting that good fight against the darkness that is inside her. I love you MOM....FIGHT ON!!


  1. Beautiful Dadra. Absolutely beautiful, inspiring, and touching. LOVE IT!

  2. Dadra, I agree with Lara. That was a beautiful video. It just goes to show that family is the best reason to fight and struggle through life. I added that song to my running playlist about 18 months ago and it always gives me a boost. -Ben

  3. Every time I watch and listen to this video Dadra it makes me cry. What a wonderful tribute to me. The reason I'm doing so good is because of the Lord, this wonderful family and my friends that I have in my life.
    I will watch this every day because it gives me such comfort and hope. Love you! Mom

  4. Dadra--This is a very fitting tribute to your mother and it tells me a lot about YOU! With the love I feel and see in the video, your mother has every hope of beating her cancer. A positive attitude, a prayerful heart, and a loving family can work miracles!!!
    From a colon cancer survivor of ten years--Karen Francom

  5. Absolutely amazing, Dade! Thank you, thank you, for creating and sharing this.

    BTW: I check your blog every day. You have quite a talent, and you inspire and amaze me. Can I hire you to train me? Love you, sis.

  6. Julie, this is such an incredibly wonderful and well-deserved tribute to you. You have an amazing husband, children (and spouses), grandchildren, and extended family who are all totally devoted to you. I personally know of their tremendous love and concern for you and Don. Dadra, I loved your video and photos...cried all the way through. Our love to you all always, Karen & Joe

  7. Dadra,
    What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful woman! Your mom is an inspiration. Fantastic blog...I think I will be visiting more!
    -Lori Dillon

  8. Amazingly beautiful!!! So many emotions, I can't even begin to express. I love your family, and I share the love and adoration as the daughter of a mom who faught on!

    Trischa Doremus Kyle

  9. Stephanie DeCremerAugust 19, 2010 at 12:00 PM


    Thanks for that. My dad just got diagnosed with colon cancer a few weeks ago and I didn't realize both your dad and mom have had to go through this. One parent is bad enough. Knowing you and the way you have been raised I know your mom will fight on. That was a touching and inspiring video. I think I'll have to make one for my dad now, but find a different song since that one is perfect for females.

    And, I do read your blog all the time. I hardly comment though as for some reason with your layout only certain computers will actually give me the "Post a Comment" box. Know that you are doing a good thing here. And, why aren't you a personal trainer? I thought for sure you would have taken the test right out of college!