Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Challenge (Aug. 16-22) & Blogiversary Winner!

Thanks for all the comments last week everyone!! I really do enjoy writing this blog and it's nice to know that there are people who read it too! So the winner of the Blogiversary prize is....(Drum roll please!!)...


She'll be getting five Larabars to try out soon!

Now on to this week's challenge. Does anybody remember the slogan for this cereal? (Hint...It's posted below the name of the cereal in the picture below)...

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I'm actually not a huge Wheaties fan myself (I find them a little bland) but I am going to steal and tweak their slogan just a bit. For this week's challenge, I want this to be your new motto...

"Breakfast...The Meal of Champions"

By far, the most important meal you will eat each day will be breakfast. After fasting for 10+ hours or so during the night, your body needs this meal in order to start firing up your metabolism and give you energy during the day. According to Elisabetta Politi, RD, MPH, and nutrition manager for the Duke Diet & Fitness Center at Duke University Medical School, "when you don't eat breakfast, you're actually fasting for 15 to 20 hours, so you're not producing the enzymes needed to metabolize fat to lose weight." Some people skip breakfast either because they aren't hungry in the morning, don't have time to eat, or even worse, because they are trying to save on calories. People who don't eat breakfast are more likely to overeat during the rest of the day, completely negating any "saved calories" from not eating breakfast. And if you aren't eating breakfast because you aren't hungry, you are probably eating too many calories the night before. If you began to reduce your nightly calorie intake, I bet you would start to feel more ravenous upon waking in the morning.

In this webmd article, it also states that breakfast eaters are more likely to exercise. You know that you need to fuel yourself properly in order to workout effectively, so it makes sense that eating breakfast should go hand-in-hand with any fitness program that you endeavor to complete.

So this week's challenge is breakfast EVERYDAY!! Try to eat within an hour of waking up so that you can start firing that metabolism as soon as possible. Also, try to include a good source of protein in your breakfast so that it will keep you fuller longer (and you will have that protein available to repair and fuel your muscles during the day.) Here are some examples of some nutritious ways to begin each day...

A bowl of cereal w/ 1 cup lowfat milk (easy-peasy, right?)...Try to choose a high fiber/high protein cereal to get the most bang for your buck (My pick...Kashi GoLean cereal. In 3/4 cup, it has 10g of fiber and 13 g of protein. Add in the 11 g of protein from 1 cup of milk, and you're protein requirements are set!)

One egg + one egg white omelet with veggies and whole wheat toast...Eggs for breakfast are yummy (and this is a great way to get in some vegetable nice and early), but this one does require more prep and planning time than most people are willing to give to "the meal of champions!"

Protein Smoothie...throw in a frozen banana, some ice, water, protein powder then add any of the following to change it up each day...blueberries, strawberries, pumpkin puree, even spinach (the banana will overpower the spinach taste!). This is especially good on hot, summer days.

Protein Oatmeal...You all know this is my go-to breakfast 90% of the time. I just love it, it keeps me full and is packed full of nutrition. You can add almost anything to oatmeal too to make it different each day, but I am a girl of routine and pretty much make it the same way each day...

1/2 cup oatmeal

1 scoop protein powder

1 spoonful of ground flax (a healthy fat rich in omega-3 and great for the digestive system!)

So that's your challenge this a healthy breakfast everyday and remember our slogan this week..."Breakfast, the meal of champions!"

Talking Point: How did you do on last week's challenge (trying out a new-to-you workout?) What do you like to eat for breakfast?

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  1. Okay Dade, you've inspired me. As a vegetarian, getting enough protein has always been a challenge for me, especially considering how much I exercise. I'm all about the carbs! (I do, however, use the protein argument as an excuse to dump 5 pounds of cheese on top of my salad.)

    I also hate to eat before exercising, so I typically skip breakfast altogether--another big no-no, I know. But I can handle anything for a week! So this morning I drank a protein shake and boiled some eggs, and I'm going out to buy some cottage cheese, greek yogurt, nuts, and Kashi Go Lean cereal. I can do this!

    I have to admit, I'm getting pretty intimidated by your running times. I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep up with you and Tasha during the marathon. I did a five-miler this morning and barely made it in 50 minutes. Granted, I didn't get out the door until after 10 am and it was already close to 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity, and I was sweating buckets one mile into it. But still, I don't think I'll be hitting those 8 minute miles anytime soon--and then sustain it for 26.2 miles!

    My fastest half-marathon was a 1:51, averaging a pace of about 8:30 mph and my legs were jello at the end. There's no way I could have done the whole thing over again. Plus, I'm terrified of being injured again like last year. I couldn't run at all for four months after I injured my hamstring. It was so hard to go as a spectator to the Baltimore Marathon to see you and Tasha run it. I should have been running it too! I'm worried about how far I can push myself without going overboard and getting injured.