Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do you push-up?

The push-up is one of the most simple yet most effective exercises that you can do. It helps to tone your chest of course, but it also works almost your entire upper body (triceps, shoulders, back) and strengthens your core muscles too. And the best thing about a push-up is that it can be done pretty much the gym, at home, at a park, in a hotel room, etc. No equipment necessary!

So how many push-ups can you do? Can you do 100 consecutive push-ups with good form? If not, I have found a program for you. It's called the "100-Push-Up" challenge and it promises to get you to be able to do 100 push-ups in about 6 weeks. All you have to do is commit to doing the program three times per week for a total of 30 minutes (about 10 minutes each day). So are you up for the challenge? If so, check out the program here.

I think I have convinced my husband to do this program with me. We will be doing our initial assessment this week and then officially starting the program on Monday. Want to join along...I think it will be fun!!

Talking Point: Do you do push-ups? How many do you think you could do right now? Are you going to join us in this challenge?


  1. I DESPISE push-ups. I am trying to get some friends that live around here to do this challenge with me but no takers yet. I am also trying to get Chris to do it with me and I don't think he is going to take it on either. Dadra, you may be my only buddy. I am thinking about doing the challenge.

  2. Hi Dadra, I'm going to take the challenge with you. I typically do three reps of 10 push-ups mixed in with other strength exercises (when I actually get around to exercising). When I did the assessment, I did 23. I'm supposed to start in the third week section, but I'm going to start with the third column of the second week. I'll check in each time you post a push-up update. Good luck!